Inno-FR™ Flame Retardant Liquid Urethanes


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Sep 27, 2015

Inno-FR™ Flame Retardant Liquid Urethanes

Inno-FR™ RC-79D

Innovative Polymers, Inc is one of the companies that we work with in order to bring you the best materials that we can offer!

Creating long-lasting, flame retardant goods ranging from electronic parts to medical devices, gaming machine components to automotive parts, Inno-FR™ liquid plastic casting resins meet UL 94 V-O requirements. Several of the polyurethanes are Yellow Card certified at United Laboratories (UL).  Polymers in the Inno-FR™ Series include:

  • RC-79D, a 1:1 by-weight rigid urethane exhibiting high flexural properties, heat resistance, and a 55-second gel time.
  • TP-4014, TP-4015 and TP-4016, rigid urethanes developed for applications requiring high impact strength and heat resistance.
  • FX-8061, FX-8071, FX-8081, and FX-8091, 60A-90A hardness elastomers that feature excellent tear strength and elongation.
  • FX-8575, our clear flame retardant urethane developed for artists and environments that require either clarity or elaborate color designs such as stained glass, swirls, or cracked ice effects.
  • FX-8585, our newest FR material which offers a 7-minute gel time and 266°F heat deflection temperature if post-cured.

If you would like more information on any of these please call us at (631) 920-5079 and we would be glad to help you.