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Lifecasting, as simple as 1 2 3

Posted On: August 24, 2015
The one thing I hear a lot is, I wish they could stay little all the time! Well I have a way for you to capture that moment in time and keep it to remind yourself of just how precious they are. I received this poem from my son a few years back when I looked at it again the handprint that he had on it was so cute and small, but the paper was worn and ripping from being in the folder for so long. So here is a simple solution that is easy as can be for you to keep or give to a loved one. 

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  "I miss you when we're not together
I'm growing up so fast
See how big I've gotten
Since you saw me last?
As I grow, I'll change a lot,
The years will fly right by.
You'll wonder how I grew so quick -
When and where and why?
So save this print in a safe place
And take it out each year.
The memories will come back of me,
When I was small and dear."

What a better way to capture your child's most precious hands?