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Royal-Tac Screen Printing Adhesive

Posted On: April 29, 2016

Lourae Inc DBA
Silicone & Epoxy Technology
West Babylon NY 11704

Tel:631-920-5079 Fax: 631-920-0503

Royal-TAC Adhesive

Royal-Tac is the alternate to aerosol spray adhesives. It is brush on the pallet instead of being
sprayed and deans off with mineral spirits. Works especially well with non-fleeces items.
Gallons (7.2 Ibs)
1 gallon $110.00
1 case(4-gallons)$360/case
2- 4 cases $320/case
5 plus cases $280/case

WEB AHESIVE (Net WT.12oz or 340 grams)
Aerosol Spray
1 can $8.99 ea.
1 case (12 cans) $99.00/case
2-5 cases $93.00/case
6-10 cases $89.00/case

General purpose Web Adhesives a high
performance web adhesive used for both
temporary and permanent bonding
Royal-Tac is available in

5 gallon (36.7 Ibs) Drums (377lbs)
1- 5 gallon $475.00 1-Drum $3995.00
2-5 5-gallon pails $432.00 each 2-Drums $3595.50 ea.
6-10 5-gallon pails $405.00 each

Coming Soon Water Based WEB ADHESIVE.

If you would like a sample please e-mail us at salesset@optonline.net.




One Stop Shopping-Acrylic Bonding

Posted On: February 29, 2016

Silicone And Epoxy Technology is your one stop shopping for all of your bonding needs! Please feel free to call us and check out our websit for any other information. 631-920-5079

                           One Stop Shopping for your Acrylic Bond Requirements
                                                 Tel:631-920-5079           E-mail: salesset@optonline.net
                                                          Acrylic Bonding UV Applications

 A. Set 17631: Acrylic Displays(Non-yellowing) Bubble Free bond
 B. Set 17641: PMMA, Acrylic Displays, Plaques, trophies, ornaments, non-yellowing and bubble free bond.
 C. Set 17001: Polycarbonate, ABS, PVC, PMMA, PET, Glass and Stainless Steel.

 Viscosity, cP.                  Shore D          Temperature Range C
 Set 17631 100-300            75-85             -30 to 120C
 Set 17641 50 – 90             75-85             -30 to 120C
 Set 170001 50 – 90           70-80             -40 to 140C

SET UV Glass and Acrylic Adhesives are optically clear as well as moisture resistance and does not yellow. The SET UV Glass and Acrylic adhesive cures within seconds when the adhesive come in contact with the UV light source.

Ultra-violet (UV) Curing Lights in various types are available.
All SET UV products cure rapidly with broad spectrum UV Lamps (320-450NM). High intensity is not required. LED output of 365nm to 405nm is recommend for curing SET adhesives.

Lourae Inc DBA Silicone & Epoxy Technology have giving this information and properties as a guide. Do not use them for your specification. All material must be evaluated and approved by potential account.


Now Available from SET

Posted On: January 12, 2016


Contact: Andre Cella

 Phone:  631-920-5079

Email:  salesset@optonline.

If you have a chance check out our web page and our store

www.settech-arc.com or www.set-mfg.com



Happy Holidays from Silicone & Epoxy Technologies

Posted On: December 11, 2015

Please feel free to visit our store  www.settech.arc.com



Posted On: November 10, 2015

THOUGHTS ON POSSIBLE NEW PRODUCT-- Call or email us for More information 631-920-5079 or email us at salesset@optonline.net Pricing will be available shortly!

Cyberbond Cyberlite LED Torch is a convenient handheld UV adhesive curing device. Our handheld system was designed to
offer users a compact, portable, and versatile state-of –the-art curing system. Our unique device produces its illumination
with a single high powered LED bulb and is capable of quickly curing a wide range of UV curable adhesives.
Cyberlite LED Torch
Handheld UV Adhesive Curing Device
Product Features
Peak Wavelength 395 nm
Output – 1 Watt
Powered by single standard AA battery
Instant On/Off button
Ergonomically designed for user
Very light
Very durable
Very Compact
Protective lens over LED
Mirrored focused cavity
20-30,000 hour Life Expectancy


Silicone & Epoxy Tech Information

Posted On: November 04, 2015

Hello there my friends, I would like to share with you my website, I have been working on and trying to get it out there in this very big world! Silicone And Epoxy Technology, We are a small family owned business right here in your own back yard! We have been around for the past 15 years and we are located in West Babylon, 48 B Otis Street is our address a few min off the Southern State Parkway. We are your Complete Source for Specialty Epoxys, Silicones, Urethanes.We are distributers for Smooth-On, Innovative Polymers, Cyberbond, Aqua Resin Silicone Inc, and Tangent to just name a few! But we also cary a variety of glues, everything from your superglue( better then crazy glue) UV Curing Glues and systems to go with that!( We are getting in some hand held UV lights as well for your smaller jobs and to get into the smaller places, going to be the size of a mini flashlight!) Cyanacurlates, Anaerobics,as well as Acrylic adhesives.
www.settech-arc.com is our website with the store attached to it. We also have another website www.set-mfg.com that you can browse as well.
Please check out our FB page as well


Halloween Is 16 Days Away!!

Posted On: October 15, 2015

Halloween is 16 Days Away

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Silicone & Epoxy Technology

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West Babylon NY 11704



Silicone And Epoxy Technology Intro Video

Posted On: September 29, 2015
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